• The Added Value programme is a joint project launched by four institutions:

  •  School with Class Foundation (Poland)
    ― an educational entity that cooperates with schools throughout the country, specialising in design thinking and innovative learning methods. The Foundation is the leader of the Added value programme, responsible for preparing teacher materials and method implementation in schools.

  • Universal Learning Systems (Ireland)
    ― a renowned research institute responsible for identifying the teachers' needs and evaluating learning materials.

  • NHL Stenden (the Netherlands)
    ― university educating teachers and specialising in the design thinking method, as well as project- and problem-based learning. Together with the project leader, NHL Stenden was responsible for the concept behind the prepared teacher materials.

  • Asociación Smilemundo (Spain)
    ― a socially engaged organisation responsible for preparing a series of posters and for the graphical design of all materials.